The kitchen is home to heart, and a well-planned space provides uninterrupted food preparation, cooking, roasting and cleaning – while saving time and effort.
What needs to be organized? Which parts are used and for what purposes? How much do you help, small appliances and pots you can forgive and how much space will you get? Write down your ideas and a detailed plan.

Five main zones in the kitchen
The kitchen works best when it is divided into zones. There are five main zones: for cooking, food preparation, cleaning, utensils and accessories, and the area where you hold food. Everything in the kitchen should fit into one of these five categories. Do you have something that does not belong to either, this is probably not a place in the kitchen.

Cooking – Spices, various types of oil and vinegar, cooking utensils, pots and pans, gloves and pods for hot pots and other utensils should be available in the cooking area.
Cleaning – This zone should have everything associated with cleaning, and it is usually located around the dishwasher and sink. This category includes kitchen utensils, objects under the sink (sponges, paper towels, microfibre cloths, garbage bags, detergents for washing machines), recycling and garbage cans.
Preparation – Everything you need to prepare meals goes to the preparation area. These are among other mixing bowls, knives, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, blender and other utensils.
Dishes and Utensils – This is a zone with various pots, cutlery, plates, glasses and small kitchen utensils.
Food Place – Fodder is considered a food holding zone. If you do not, specify for that purpose a few kitchen items or a high closet in which to keep you food.
Look for spices
Spices are the soul of every home-made dish, and when they are at your fingertips, cooking is even more fun. Find a well-organized place for spices close to the cooking zone and keep spices, oils and various mixtures on it. Remember that the most important space is functionally organized, so you will decide for a place near the stove. It is time to throw jars from the past decade and replace them with fresh, new spices. Take out all the spices, sauces and other food additives from the cupboards, pancakes and drawers to see what you have.

The place for your favorite things
If you like to bake bread and cakes – whether you are really interested in it or you are already a master – you probably have a lot of ingredients. Use this list to fill your vessels.

Large pots

smooth flour
mixture of flour with baking powder
wheat flour for powdered sugar
oat flakes
instant oatmeal flakes
Medium large vessels

light brown sugar
dark brown sugar
chocolate drops
a mixture of flour for cakes
Small pots

cocoa powder
baking powder
Bicarbonate Yeast Yeast (in Pouches)
corn starch.