Little secrets of great chefs, but also kittens, can turn you into a real chef in an instant. The more you know, you will be able to turn small accidents into the advantage

1. Do you have any problems with the preparation of glossy cakes, sprinkle the apricot jam and skim the biscuit before adding the scoop.

2. Cut the loaves of bread, cut it with a toothed knife and scrape the garlic to enhance the aroma. Then make hot sandwiches.

3. If you have taken a meal, put in unheated pasta or raw potatoes in the soup and remove it after ten minutes.

4. Begin to crunch the crust of bark during cutting, wrap the knife and start again – the blade will be easier to glide.

5. Juices, raspberries and sauces can be stoned by adding a fillet or beam-sauce. It will also help the bread crumbs or dough mixed with a little water.

6. If the spaghetti sticks, leave the pasta to cool down, then warm it in a pan with butter or oil and mix it gently.

7. Soften the sweetness with lemon, wine vinegar or tomatoes.

8. Sprinkle old bread with water and milk and warm in microwave

9. Dip the salted salad into water and dilute the salad dressing with a little bicarbonate or sugar teaspoon

10. Led or cold water helps with pre-cooked pasta. Drain it and put it in ice water to stop the cooking. Then warm it in tomato sauce – the acid will harden pasta.